What is AaBlu and how was it born? 

Way back when there was more sea and less land, Haapsalu was called “Aablu” by the local people in their own dialect. Time has passed and today this ancient name binds good flavours, the sea, and exciting experiences of three friends – all for you to enjoy in the AaBlu Resort.   Who are the three friends after all? 

➔ Rain Käärst is a true barbecue guru and master chef. The tastes and flavours he creates are unforgettable. Quality, clean food and BBQ-background are his keywords. He can create enchanting taste experiences from sea water and fresh air with the magic of BBQ. Rain is one of the founders of the BBQ Symphony , he is also a partner at the restaurant Fork meet at Rain Stuudio Catering. He can create enchanting taste experiences from sea water and fresh air with the magic of BBQ. 

➔ Taavi Puuorg is a partner of companies Frank Events meet at adventure company 360 DEGREES. He has a lot of experience in organizing events and he also ensures great experiences in the nature. Taavi has been a host for 15 years already and has taken part in many projects. He could be described as an active and dedicated person who wants to create a lot of emotions for others. He is a romantic at heart and a true friend of the nature.

➔ Timo Tintse is a fishing quide and a leader of fishing tourism (Lahemaa Kalaturism OÜ). The sea and fishing are his true passions. He knows where the fish live, and he thinks like an old fish. He promotes sustainable fishing and volunteers in fish protection so that there would be fish to fish in the future. 

These three friends have combine all their knowledge, experience, and soul to offer truly pleasant experiences to the clients of AaBlu.  

Come and discover new flavours, fishing and nature experiences in Haapsalu. 

Rain Käärst

Master of BBQ

Taavi Puuorg

Master in adventures

Timo Tintse

Professional fishing quide